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Pick up time: Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  

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the quality of

dried mushroom samples

Wild Mushrooms

It depends on the method of collecting samples from the beginning in the field. until the preparation of dry samples and brought to the warehouse


Failure to select the sample improperly at the beginning will result in poor sample quality at the time of sample drying in the field. But if quality samples are selected But the drying method is not suitable. This can affect the quality of the dry sample.


For example, cell degeneration cannot be examined later, DNA degeneration cannot be extracted, etc. 

the quality of

dried mushroom samples

Mushrooms on Stages

The samples at the museum are for reference only.


The sample storage type is

  1. dried mushroom samples

  2. Permanently sealed microslides

  3. Genomic DNA stored in Speed Vacuum Dry format is suitable for storage in 18 degree room only. Store at -80C which is classified as a Gene Bank service.

the quality of

dried mushroom samples

Food Photographer

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