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Acervus globulos Ekanayaka, Q. Zhao & K.D. Hyde 2016

Specimen ID

Collected  date


30 กรกฎาคม 2561 17:00:00

Collected   by

Thitiya Boonpratuang, Maneerat Pobkwamsuk, Siriwan Na Bangchang, Natthawut Wiriyathanawudhiwong and Nattawut Boonyuen.

Identified   by

Thitiya Boonpratuang

Collected Site

RSPG Protected Montain Forest in Chiang ai Zoo.

Habit,  habitat, substrate

Solitary habit and growing on unidentified twig (lignicolous habitat).

Macroscopic Description

Ascocarps: disc shape with umbicular or deeply lobe, or bowl shape, mostly circular to ovoid shapes from top view, umbicular, uncurved margin, smooth, straight margin, yellow to orange (oac810-811) color, exterior bright yellow (oac004)

Microscopic Description

Ascospores 7 – 9 × 4 – 5 µm, ellipsoid to elongate, ornamentation with aculeate, thick-welled, hyaline, inamyloid. Ascus 75 – 80 × 6 – 8 µm, 8 ascospores per ascus, cylindrical, long, smooth, thick-walled, hyaline and inamyloid. Paraphyses 75 – 110 × 4 – 5 µm, cylindrical, sometime forked, septate, thick-walled, smooth, hyaline and inamyloid. Ascocarps hymenieal layers; top layer present with cutis of repent hyphae 9 – 12 µm diam., parallel, septate, hairs presented 10 – 14 × 92 – 100 µm, thin-walled, cylindrical to pyriform, smooth, hyaline and inamyloid. Chemical reaction colorless in 3% KOH. Clamp connection absents in all hyphae.

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