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Case Study on Macrofungal Taxonomy, Biodiversity, and Applications in the Satun Global Geopark.

A taxonomic analysis of macrofungi is used to compile a list of the biological resources present in the Satun Global Geopark. The investigation entails determining their potential for further development into new products or the creation of local products with added value. According to the Satun Geopark guiding principle, public sector participation in conservation and quality of life is emphasized. The results of the taxonomic work were communicated to the methods, approaches, and objectives of the survey for conservation and to increase the number of potential mushrooms for community enterprises to choose from among the assembled groups of individuals. Two districts comprise the study site: Thung Wa District and Ra-Ngu District. This research project is related to a government project that emphasizes hiring new employees or reducing unemployment during the COVID-19 pandamic for 9000 baths of work within three months. This project employs twenty locals to investigate the area's biological resources. The survey and collection of 606 samples of fungi, categorized by morphological and biomolecular characteristics, were found to be 80 percent complete. From all samples, 220 species were identified. At the Fungus Museum, dried specimens have been prepared as reference samples and collected. Based on this diversity, documentation of biodiversity has been compiled for use in UNESCO's reevaluation, and the results have been presented to the Area Assessment Committee. Satun Geopark on 30 July 2020.

The forest's beauty, values that many people overlook

The results of the six-month study have been compiled into a graphic book so that everyone may see the mushrooms that are often missed during the rainy season. The study team only had the opportunity to operate in the region twice during the two wet seasons, during which time we enjoyed a pleasant journey and made many new acquaintances, particularly among the inhabitants of Thung Wa and Ra-Ngoo District. Consequently, exploration involving local people exceeded expectations. The research team concluded that the biodiversity of Satun Geopark World is undoubtedly still with us due to the cooperation of both parties. As a result of the community's vitality, its members recognize the significance of and are eager to acquire new skills to apply to communal interests. The Mushroom Fair is another event that broadens the community's view of insignificant things. What role does it play on the ground, on the branches, on the stumps, and at the base of the tree? And how should these species be cared for?

Educational Media

  1. electronic book, based on a 6-month study conducted in the area

  2. Rainy-season photos of rare and common mushrooms

Image and e-book from "Case Study on Macrofungal Taxonomy, Biodiversity, and Applications in the Satun Global Geopark," which is licensed under Creative Commons, but commercial use and attribution are not permitted under 3.0 Thailand.

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